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We are the Premier Water Extraction and Restoration Company To Hire!

Water offers a ton of benefits but water-caused damage is a phenomenon that can cause a lot of inconveniences. These span from simple leakage to being responsible for long-term structural damage to the property while a more immediate concern is mold growth. Since the removal of water in these cases is essential, we recommend hiring expert water extraction contractors. We are a renowned company that offers a host of excellent water extraction and restoration services.

With a diverse range of services, we aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction as each can find a solution to their respective problem. Realizing the need for promptness in such cases. We offer emergency water extraction services for our customers in  Northglenn, CO. In this regard, our extraction services generally involve the use of hot water and dehumidifiers to bring out the water that has seeped in.

We make use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to assist our customers. Furthermore, we also offer professional damage restoration services that not only include water-caused damage but also smoke and fire as well. As a trusted restoration specialists company, the words of our customers hold maximum value for us. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our services.

Our reputation precedes us for offering Premier Restoration & Renovation Services in Northglenn CO!

The effects of damage are such that they require quick and prompt removal and restoration. This might accordingly necessitate renovation. In other cases, the functionality and aesthetic of your property might be such that it prompts you to seek restoration and renovation services. Due to the complexities involved, we recommend hiring professional experts like us. We offer Best restoration & renovation services in Northglenn, CO for our customers. Our versatility is such that we have a solution for any destruction and our services extend to fire & smoke damage, water damage restoration, wood repair, and construction to name a few.

This is thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team of experts who possess the required know-how to handle any such situation. They make use of top-tier equipment and high-quality materials to restore the original look of the property so that reliability and quality are not compromised. In the course of our restoration and renovation services, our staff performs a detailed and thorough inspection of the issue at hand and charts out a feasible plan of action. We then set out to provide top-tier results that are sure to satisfy our customers. Furthermore, we consult our customers in all steps along the way as evidence of our transparency. If you desire restoration or renovation, call us now.

Expert Fire & Smoke Restoration Specialists Are Available At Your Disposal!

The impacts of a fire can be devastating not only a physical level but also on a mental and emotional level. Fire often leaves a trail of devastation in its blaze on such a level that it can make moving on seem impossible. Aside from the initial trauma, picking one’s life back up after a fire requires large effort, will, and expertise. Keeping this in mind, as premier fire damage restoration contractors, we offer emergency fire damage restoration services for our customers in Northglenn, CO.

Our services are rightly renowned as the best around due to several reasons, out of which the topmost is the attention to our customers that we give. We realize the stress they are going through and make it our task to facilitate them as much as possible. With our professional and reliable staff at the front of things, they perform a detailed inspection to assess the level of damage and discard affected materials.

Using top equipment and tools, we then restore the original conditions of structures and materials. Furthermore, we also provide reliable smoke cleanup & restoration services. As proof of our versatility, we provide premier residential smoke damage and restoration solutions as well as for commercial properties. Make sure to give us a call now.

Our Expert Water Damage Restoration Services Showcase Our Qualities!

Water damage can pose a huge inconvenience to homeowners depending upon the severity of the impact. In this regard, flooding can inflict large amounts of damage to customer properties and can pose a direct threat to the security and integrity of the house itself. As premier water damage repair specialists, we understand the risk at hand and that is why we offer our professional water damage restoration services to our customers in Northglenn, CO.

Our services are fairly diverse as they are contingent upon the situation at hand. With our expert team of professionals at the helm of things, we guarantee top-notch services that remove the water and restore normal order. So if there is any large-scale leakage or flooding, our staff makes use of sophisticated equipment and water removal techniques. A quick walkthrough of our expert residential water damage restoration services includes a thorough inspection followed by removal of water-damaged products and materials.

By the usage of dehumidifiers and special vacuums, we remove the accumulated moisture. Furthermore, to prevent the growth of mold, we make use of special chemical solutions. For the convenience of our customers, we also offer emergency commercial water damage restoration services as well. To avail of our services, contact us now.

Professional Mold Remediation Contractors To Deliver Your Peace Of Mind!

Water damage is responsible for not only structural damage and moisture leakage but has also another heavy impact. This is the growth of mold which is not only an aesthetic blemish but also poses numerous health risks related to respiratory problems and skin issues . Depending upon the severity of the mold and its growth from its spores, corresponding action is required. As professional mold remediation specialists, we offer excellent and premier mold remediation solutions for our customers in Northglenn, CO.

We offer a diverse range of mold related services which all aim at isolating the mold and exterminating it to prevent its further spread. Thanks to the efforts of our professional and reliable team of experts, we are able to offer expert residential mold remediation services. Firstly, we perform a detailed inspection aimed at identifying the source of the mold. Using proper safety equipment and equipped with the latest equipment, our staff ensures that quality of service is always guaranteed.

In order to prevent the mold from growing, the excess moisture is removed via dehumidifiers and extraction techniques. The mold can then be scrubbed off via chemical solutions as well. As proof of our versatility, we also offer expert commercial mold remediation services too. Reach out to us now.

Expert Sewer & Drain Cleanup Services That Promise Reliability and Professionalism!

The clogging of a sewer line or drain can be unpleasant and also a huge inconvenience as well. Any issue and exposure can directly cause health risks. Furthermore, the plumbing system of a property is often wrapped underground and ease of access is not available. That is why we recommend hiring professional residential sewer & drain repair services to our customers in Northglenn, CO. We realize that solving plumbing and drain issues is not an easy task and it involves lots of complications and precision, thus, we offer our own services instead. As premier sewer & drain repair specialists, we offer a host of related services. These include video camera sewer inspection, drain cleanup, and more. We realize the importance of the task at hand and are facilitated in this by our skilled team of experts. They possess the latest technology as well as tools and know how to make effective use of them in the delivery of their services. Whatever the sewer or drain issue, our staff make sure that safety and hygiene standards are always kept and quality of service is never compromised. Furthermore, we also provide expert commercial sewer & drain repair solutions so that our customers are not left inconvenienced. To learn more, call us now.

For Quality Wood Repair Services, There Are None Better!

The large-scale prevalence and utilization of wood in properties is a common factor due to several reasons. Not only is it aesthetic and stately but it also offers stability and sturdiness too. However, wood gets damaged over time due to insects, weather, and wear and tear. We are a renowned contractor that offers professional residential wood repair services for our customers in Northglenn, CO. Since wood requires maintenance and care, we recommend our cost-effective yet quality services to ensure that long-term reliability is not compromised. Whatever the type of wooden surface, we have you covered because of our talented and skilled team of experts. They possess the required know-how to handle any wood related problem for any wooden surface. Equipped with modern tools and equipment as well as possessing years of experience under their belts, they aim to restore the original look of your wood. In the delivery of our services, we make use of sanding, painting, staining, and replacing the original wooden boards as well. Furthermore, we are also renowned as Premier wood repair contractors as well as for our expert commercial wood repair solutions. One thing remains constant is, however, our dedication to quality and reliability. If you have a wooden surface that needs restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

We restore your dreams thanks to our Expert Construction Services!

In the events of a disaster, the impact is visible upon your property. Whether it be fire, water, or even a natural disaster that is wreaking disaster and devastation, the post-disaster construction services need to be meticulous and encompassing. Depending upon the severity of the incidents, we recommend hiring premier construction specialists to restore normalcy. We at Elite 1 Restoration offer top-tier professional residential construction services for our customers in Northglenn, CO. Our host of construction restoration services are extremely diverse, reflecting our breadth of experience and versatility. These services include but are not limited to roofing, concrete restoration, plumbing, electrical, and brick repair to name a few.

The quality delivery of these services is made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our professional team of experts. They are well-versed in all manners of construction restoration services and possess the latest tools and equipment to aid them in their work. Furthermore, we also improve upon the original structures and consult our customers along the way. With quality services such as ours, we make sure that our customers have peace of mind. In addition, we also offer expert commercial construction solutions so that none of our customers are left inconvenienced. To avail yourself of our top-tier services, hire us now to experience for yourself firsthand.


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Lynn Beale
Lynn Beale
Despite a few setbacks, Dave and his crews came through with great results. Dave was very professional, timely, and caring. He even went above and beyond to assure customer satisfaction! THNX!👍😀
Carol Shults
Carol Shults
I recently had water/mold damage in my basement from a leak in a water pipe. My insurance company recommended Elite 1 Restoration along with a few others. I chose Elite 1 Restoration after meeting with David. He is very knowledgeable and his estimate was thorough and the price was fair. David and his team did a great job. Everyone was professional, on time and courteous. I am very happy with the mitigation cleanup results and the repair/restoration work that was done as well. I would gladly recommend David and his team.
Max Ishikawa
Max Ishikawa
Was referred by my insurance to Elite1. David and his team are very professional and did a great job. I went out of town when I had damage in my basement but David’s team was timely and took care of everything while I was gone. I had some financial issues with my insurance company, but David was very helpful working with me on a payment plan. Would work with them again in the future!
Debbie Ash
Debbie Ash
The guys at Elite 1 Restoration were wonderful to work with. I had work commitments I could not change so they worked around my schedule. They were polite, and took care to protect the other areas of my home. I highly recommend this company!
Erica Medrano
Erica Medrano
I highly recommend Elite 1 for any roofing or siding projects. After the storms damaged what seems like my entire house I called them and they were out quick and ready to work. They dealt with my insurance company and were able to get everything approved quickly. They have completed all the work with awesome quality and couldn’t be any happier. Thanks Elite 1. I know who I’m calling if anything ever arises again.
Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz
I sustained hail damage to the roof and siding/paint at my properties in Aurora and Littleton. I worked with David at Elite 1 who helped with the whole process from meeting with insurance thru getting the projects completed. I will be using Elite 1 in the future as the need arises.
Benjamin Bloch
Benjamin Bloch
I had a positive experience with David Saenz and Elite 1. They replaced siding, a window, and trim on my house. In and out in 2 days with excellent quality. Would definitely recommend.
Unfortunately the most unprofessional and unpunctual company I have ever worked with. Stay Away!
osbaldo saenz
osbaldo saenz
Real good service, appreciate the guys hard work. Thank you so much.
Cynda Hunt
Cynda Hunt
David and his crew did an amazing job for me after I had a disaster I. My basement. They showed up on time and completed the work in an excellent fashion.

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