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Premier Water Extraction and Restoration Company – Salvaging all the valuable items on your property

Water damage can occur at any time of the day and the damage needs to be repaired efficiently by the Emergency Water Extraction Services. The services of Expert Water Extraction Contractors immediately reduce the cost of the restoration work by acting on time. The more you waste time searching the options the greater you pay for the restoration cost. So instead of wasting time, you must make informed and timely decisions.

Elite 1 Restoration experts use effective techniques to get water out of your property. We use industrial pumps, vacuums, and dehumidifiers along with other advanced tools to complete the restoration process. Moreover, seeing the extent of the damage our experts in Arvada, CO use water mitigation techniques to address all water issues. From mold growth to the extraction of water, we are well-versed in performing all the tasks.

We are here to minimize the financial and emotional impact of the water damage. Our expert restoration team actively salvages appliances, furniture, and other necessary equipment from your property. Our expert technicians safely remediate the toxic mold growth and ensure faster access to homes. Hire the expert team of Disaster Restoration Specialists Company to restore a sense of normalcy.

Premier Restoration & Renovation Services in Arvada, CO – Restoring home after a disaster

Extracting, cleaning, dehumidifying, sanitizing- you get it all in one place! Whether it’s Fire & Smoke Damage or Water Damage Restoration our team possesses skills to tackle all the difficulties with ease. We are the one-stop shop to get all the restoration services so you just need to tap the call button to have our tea at your service. We have been dealing with the smoked and wet walls for quite some time so we know the right approaches to turn your property back in order. Our team fully sanitizes all the appliances on your property so that the germs and bacteria won’t spread further. Furthermore.

Our restoration work on the water-damaged property also includes Mold Remediation for the removal of mold spores to maintain indoor air quality. We possess the right equipment to reach hard-to-reach areas and hidden spots for Sewer & Drain Cleanup. Not only the restoration work we also provide wood repair and construction in case the damage is out of control. When you work with us you don’t need to call the other person for help because we tackle all the complex challenges. Our experts with years of experience also work with your insurance companies so that you get paid back in case of damage. Get in touch with our restoration team now!

Expert Fire & Smoke Restoration Specialists Returning Your Property To Pre-loss Condition

The fire caused in your home can lead to permanent damage and even if the firefighters extinguish the fire the effect on the property remains. Restoring fire damage is a daunting task and you cannot do this on your own rather you require the services of Premier Fire Damage Restoration Contractors. Being in smoke causes significant health risks and homeowners with no safety gear can deteriorate their health.

Here we are to rescue you with the provision of Premier Residential Smoke Damage Restoration Services. We know that the smoke damage worsens further if it’s left unattended for a long duration. Elite 1 Restoration Trusted Smoke Restoration Specialists in Arvada, CO conduct a detailed assessment of the damage. After the detailed analyses of the property, we work on debris removal. We work on the multi-stage process of clean-up and smoke removal using safety gear and advanced equipment.

Not only on residential properties but we work on the provision of Expert Commercial Smoke Damage Restoration Services. The extent of damage to the commercial property is greater therefore we use industrial tools to remove soot and smoke. We try our best to determine what can be salvaged to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. To secure your property give us a call!

Expert Water Damage Restoration Services – For Quicker Restoration and For Better Results

Water damage should not be taken lightly and not being proactive to take action can result in significant damage. Also dealing with the water is stressful enough therefore effective strategies are required to cope up with this. The unattended problem results in plumbing, and electrical issues along with mold growth. Premier Water Damage Repair Specialists know what to do in case of damage to expedite the entire cleanup process.

We have the Emergency Commercial Water Damage Restoration team to locate the troublesome spots, check the damaged areas, and effectively implement the cleaning process. With professional-grade equipment in our toolkit, we reach your property to effectively mitigate the potential loss that can incur. We dry and thoroughly clean up to provide Professional Water Damage Restoration Services. Not only do we prevent structural damage but lessen the issues that further issues that can result from water damage.

With ample experience, we minimize the extent of the damage to get everything settled in your home. Our experts in Arvada, CO won’t compromise on the quality of the work and make sure that every nook and corner of your house is water-free. Give us a call for specialized restoration services.

Professional Mold Remediation Contractors Using Advanced Techniques For Mold Prevention

The potential spread of mold throughout the property can cause health and structural issues at the same time. More importantly, if you already have some respiratory disease you will have to face the severe consequences. By receiving mold inspection and testing services you can prevent the problem from getting worse. And many people think that they can perform the testing by the DIY kits available in the market. Of course, you can do but professional inspection has its own set of benefits.

To root the mold problem, they use advanced techniques that you otherwise don’t know. We offer Premier Mold Remediation Solutions that provide tailored solutions to remove mold spores from your property. As mold spreads like wildfire and sets colonies in your home before you realize it. For each project, we record the extent of the mold growth and then devise a mold remediation plan according to it.

But for the Expert Commercial Mold Remediation Services, we start by getting rid of the water problems, isolation of the mold-affected area, suppressing dust, and disposing of the affected materials. Our approach to dealing with each project is different depending on the extent of damage. Prevent the property and homeowners from risk by giving a call to our experts in Arvada, CO.

Expert Sewer & Drain Cleanup Services- Prevent Blockages and Bad Odors

Do you want to keep your pipes and fixtures running smoothly? Of course, everyone wants to but very few take preventive measures to keep the drainage system in great shape. The maintenance service will cost you less as compared to the repair and replacement cost. No matter whether it’s maintenance or replacement work our Premier Sewer and Drain Repair Specialists can benefit you in several ways.

Over time hair, grease, and food particles accumulate in the pipes of your home. Our expert cleaners in Arvada, CO carry out the video inspection to analyze the problem. We remove all the buildup in your pipes so that you can enjoy great water pressure in the taps and showers of your home. Moreover, apart from the pipes, the gurgling sound in the bathrooms is annoying too so we try our best to minimize the replacement work. Our Professional Residential Sewer & Drain Repair Services guarantee premium quality of work so you don’t have to go for replacement for an extended period.

Our services are not only confined to residential properties but we also provide Expert Commercial Sewer and Drain Repair Solutions to keep your drainage system in order. We have mechanical augers and high-end chemical cleaners to prevent clogs by removing blockades from your gutter. Give us a call for the highest quality plumbing services.

Quality Wood Repair Services- Get rid Of Scratches and Gouges

Fading or scratches on the wood surface of your furniture? It’s time to give your furniture the makeover it deserves. As the furniture is exposed to sunlight and other elements like water it’s important to give them the refinish. From chairs to the wooden ceiling our professionals in Arvada, CO are well-versed in removing scratches and scraps from the surface of the wood. Our Primer Wood Repair Contractors follow different approaches to each of the wood repair work.

For dents, we fill it with wood filler and once the area is completely dried, we repaint it to give it a polished look. Moreover, among all the Expert Commercial Wood Repair Solutions, the most effective one for scratches and scraps is the usage of wax sticks to fill the scratches followed by sanding and repainting of the surface. The cleanliness and the tip-top condition of the wooden items are some of the reasons employers are attracted to your business so it’s integral to keep them in order.

We try to seal each piece of furniture to protect the wood from moisture which can cause excessive damage to your items. We carry all the necessary tool kits so whenever you call us, we will reach your property for all kinds of wood repair work. Give us a call and we will be happy to serve you

Expert Construction Services – Building the Smart Way

Trusting the Amateur builders for your construction project is one of the biggest mistakes you will make. Because the material and the construction cost are a greater investment which you cannot do every other day. So, it is a smart choice to invest wisely in the material as well as the contractor. With our Professional Construction Specialists at your side, you can avoid costly mistakes. Our experts will guide you about the potential challenges and the practical solutions regarding them. Our builders in Arvada, CO take each project with proper planning so that the results we deliver are better than the competitors. We follow a distinct approach with a major focus on the planning and execution phase to deliver seamless results.

Being in the construction industry we understand the pain points of the customers therefore we work on them to achieve success in each project. As per the extent of the project, we use the right technologies to bring your vision of dream home to reality. it’s the good design plan and construction that makes your home stand out from the rest of the neighbors. Not only on the residential level but we also provide Expert Commercial Construction Solutions to create office spaces that you love working in. For your residential and commercial project give us a call.


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Lynn Beale
Lynn Beale
Despite a few setbacks, Dave and his crews came through with great results. Dave was very professional, timely, and caring. He even went above and beyond to assure customer satisfaction! THNX!👍😀
Carol Shults
Carol Shults
I recently had water/mold damage in my basement from a leak in a water pipe. My insurance company recommended Elite 1 Restoration along with a few others. I chose Elite 1 Restoration after meeting with David. He is very knowledgeable and his estimate was thorough and the price was fair. David and his team did a great job. Everyone was professional, on time and courteous. I am very happy with the mitigation cleanup results and the repair/restoration work that was done as well. I would gladly recommend David and his team.
Max Ishikawa
Max Ishikawa
Was referred by my insurance to Elite1. David and his team are very professional and did a great job. I went out of town when I had damage in my basement but David’s team was timely and took care of everything while I was gone. I had some financial issues with my insurance company, but David was very helpful working with me on a payment plan. Would work with them again in the future!
Debbie Ash
Debbie Ash
The guys at Elite 1 Restoration were wonderful to work with. I had work commitments I could not change so they worked around my schedule. They were polite, and took care to protect the other areas of my home. I highly recommend this company!
Erica Medrano
Erica Medrano
I highly recommend Elite 1 for any roofing or siding projects. After the storms damaged what seems like my entire house I called them and they were out quick and ready to work. They dealt with my insurance company and were able to get everything approved quickly. They have completed all the work with awesome quality and couldn’t be any happier. Thanks Elite 1. I know who I’m calling if anything ever arises again.
Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz
I sustained hail damage to the roof and siding/paint at my properties in Aurora and Littleton. I worked with David at Elite 1 who helped with the whole process from meeting with insurance thru getting the projects completed. I will be using Elite 1 in the future as the need arises.
Benjamin Bloch
Benjamin Bloch
I had a positive experience with David Saenz and Elite 1. They replaced siding, a window, and trim on my house. In and out in 2 days with excellent quality. Would definitely recommend.
Unfortunately the most unprofessional and unpunctual company I have ever worked with. Stay Away!
osbaldo saenz
osbaldo saenz
Real good service, appreciate the guys hard work. Thank you so much.
Cynda Hunt
Cynda Hunt
David and his crew did an amazing job for me after I had a disaster I. My basement. They showed up on time and completed the work in an excellent fashion.

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