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Our Premier Water Extraction and Restoration Company Lakewood, CO

 Prevents the Damage Quickly!

At Elite 1 Restoration, our expert water extraction contractors specialize in removing water and restoring properties. We commit to providing perfect results and protecting homes and businesses from the damage caused by water. With many years of practice behind us, our team has great skills using modern machinery and cutting-edge methods for effectively taking out water, making sure all places soaked in water are dried properly, and bringing your property back to how it was before any damage happened. We provide a full range of services that include taking out water at the start, drying, treating mold problems, and fixing damages to the building’s structure.


We know how urgent and stressful water damage is, so we give emergency water extraction services at all hours, every day, to act fast and prevent more harm. We are dedicated to doing excellent work and making our customers happy by being very careful and dependable in our service, completing each task with the best quality. Rely on our trusted restoration specialists company to safeguard your property and bring back your tranquility. We are committed to upholding our pledge of delivering flawless results all over Lakewood, CO. Contact us now.

Give Your Property a Thorough Makeover with Our Premier Restoration & Renovation Services in Lakewood CO!

We have skilled people who work hard to be excellent, making sure we provide unmatched services in all aspects of restoration and renovations. We know how much damage a fire and smoke can do, so we do complete cleaning, fixing up things, and getting rid of bad smells to make your property as good as before with our fire & smoke restoration solutions. If pipes break or there is a flood, our water damage restoration includes quickly taking out the water, making it dry quickly, and repairing everything to lessen damage.

 Mold can cause significant health problems and damage the strength of structures. Our experts with certification in mold remediation use progressive methods to remove mold safely and make sure it does not come back. Sewer blockages and pipes getting clogged may cause a lot of harm and pose risks to health. We make sure to clean well and repair any places that are impacted with our sewer & drain cleaning services. If water damage or just normal usage has damaged your wood surfaces, our experienced workers are capable of providing the best wood repair services and making them look good again for a longer time. We handle every part of the renovation process, starting from small fixes to a proper construction, so that we can give it new life and improve your place completely, both interior and exterior. Call us now and hire our services in Lakewood, CO.

Our Expert Fire & Smoke Restoration Specialists Have No Match in Skill!

Restoring damage from fire is very important to keep your property safe and maintain its structure. Our company specializes in carefully fixing each part of your house or business that was harmed by fire or smoke with our rapid residential fire damage restoration services in Lakewood, CO. 

Our group, skilled in fire and smoke repair, promises to check every detail while we bring your property back to how it was before. Our trusted smoke restoration specialists have much experience and special training; we know well the difficult issues of damage from fire and smoke and possess both abilities and the tools needed for fixing even very hard restoration work. When we work, whether it’s taking away the soot and smoke left behind, fixing damage to the building, or saving personal items, our premier fire damage restoration contractors do each job with a lot of attention and care.

We are aware that it is essential to communicate clearly and be transparent during the restoration. Our group will make sure to update you at each stage, give information on how we advance, and respond to all your queries. Our main aim is straightforward: we want to fix your property back to how it was before the damage happened. Call us today and let us provide you with reliable smoke cleanup & restoration services.

Make Your Property as Good as New with Our Expert Water Damage Restoration Services!

Water is very sneaky and can seep into walls, floors, and ceilings. It causes the structure to weaken, mold to form, and creates risks with electricity. This damage happens quickly and quietly; many times you don’t see it until there’s a lot of destruction. This is why it is very important to employ premier water damage repair specialists to fix water damage.

We offer professional water damage restoration services, and our services are very important for you when water unexpectedly gets in the foundation of the property. It is essential to act quickly to reduce the extent of water damage. We send out a team with good skills and modern equipment to quickly check, remove water, dry, and fix the damaged places in your home. When you choose our expert residential water damage restoration services, you feel calm because we will carefully check and work on every part of your home. Apart from our unmatched residential water damage solutions we also protect businesses in and around Lakewood, CO with around the clock emergency commercial water damage restoration

Our services save your important things and fix the building’s strength, not missing any detail in trying to get your property back to how it was before. Call us now to reduce the damage and make your property look as good as it did before.

Our Professional Mold Remediation Contractors help You Get Rid of the Persistent Mold!

Persistent mold is often a problem in homes and buildings, becoming a risk for both the building’s strength and people’s health. Our professional residential mold remediation services are specifically designed to help you get rid of stubborn mold to make your space safe for you and your family.

Using the premier mold remediation solutions and the latest machines, our workers carefully examine how much mold has spread and create a special cleaning plan just for your situation. We focus on being quick and accurate at every stage, from isolating the mold to taking it away, then cleaning up and fixing everything afterward. We have many years of knowledge and skills, so we get rid of the mold that is already there and do things to stop it from coming back. This way, you can feel at ease for a long time. You should not let tough mold damage your health or property—believe in our expert contractors who clean up the mold to make sure they fix everything very well and bring back the charm of your Lakewood, CO property. Call us now for our expert commercial mold remediation services.

Protect Your Peace of Mind with Our Expert Sewer & Drain Cleanup Services!

Apart from our trusted mold remediation solutions we are also well versed in cleaning sewers and drains. Our professional residential sewer & drain repair services are very important to protect your home from possible harm and expensive fixes. Through good upkeep and quick action, we reduce the chance of sewer overflows, blockages, and similar problems that might threaten the safety of your property. First, our premier sewer & drain specialists carefully check for any blockages, leaks, or weak spots in your sewer and drainage system. We use methods like hydro-jetting and snaking to clear out things like built-up grease, tree roots, and different kinds of blockings that stop the water from flowing smoothly.

For commercial properties, we take care of these problems quickly, and stop the foul odor and water from damaging the reputation of your business in Lakewood, CO. So our expert commercial sewer & drain repair solutions keep your building protected and clean. Our skills also include finding and fixing deeper causes of sewer and drain troubles, which means your property stays dependable over time and you feel secure about it. Call us now and let us protect what matters the most to you i.e your peace of mind.

Our Quality Wood Repair Services Rejuvenates Your Wooden Items!

Wooden structures are extremely expensive, this is why when they get damaged it can ruin your investment big time. But the best way to counter this is by hiring the premier wood repair specialists to provide you with repairs and prevent further damage from occuring. 

We are proud to offer high-quality repairs that return your wooden items, like furniture, fittings, and buildings, to their original look and use. For repairing scratches, dents, or bigger kinds of harm, we apply the best materials and methods to guarantee strong and smooth outcomes for both residential and commercial needs with our expert commercial wood repair solutions in Lakewood, CO. Our skilled workers have a lot of experience, and they know how to do many different kinds of wood repair work, including fixing old antiques as well as repairing contemporary furniture. We recognize the importance of your items and give every task careful consideration and focus on the details. We cooperate with you to know what you want and like, giving custom answers that go beyond what you hope for. We are dedicated to high-quality work and skill, so you can be sure that we the most professional residential wood repair services each time. If there is damaged wood making your area look less beautiful, get in touch with us now for dependable and expert repairs

Make the Renovation and Restoration Easier with Our Expert Construction Services!

Our professional residential construction services meet your repair requirements with unmatched skill and commitment. Our group brings together many years of practice and a pledge to superior quality, making sure each task is finished according to the best standards. If you need changes, fixes, or completely rebuilding something, our skills and materials are ready to give excellent outcomes.

Our premier construction specialists take care of projects big and small, from houses to business buildings, with careful attention. First, we understand what you need in detail, then we plan carefully and carry out the work. We use high-level methods and top-quality materials to make sure our work is durable, lasts a long time, and looks good. Making customers happy is the most important part of what we do this is one of the reasons why our expert commercial construction solutions are top rated in Lakewood, CO. We provide transparent prices that are easy to understand, and finish work on time so you feel calm during the building project. Because we care about doing excellent work and helping our customers well, you can depend on us to make your renovation ideas run smoothly and effectively. Hire us now!


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Client Reviews

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Here’s what our customers have to say about our company!
Lynn Beale
Lynn Beale
Despite a few setbacks, Dave and his crews came through with great results. Dave was very professional, timely, and caring. He even went above and beyond to assure customer satisfaction! THNX!👍😀
Carol Shults
Carol Shults
I recently had water/mold damage in my basement from a leak in a water pipe. My insurance company recommended Elite 1 Restoration along with a few others. I chose Elite 1 Restoration after meeting with David. He is very knowledgeable and his estimate was thorough and the price was fair. David and his team did a great job. Everyone was professional, on time and courteous. I am very happy with the mitigation cleanup results and the repair/restoration work that was done as well. I would gladly recommend David and his team.
Max Ishikawa
Max Ishikawa
Was referred by my insurance to Elite1. David and his team are very professional and did a great job. I went out of town when I had damage in my basement but David’s team was timely and took care of everything while I was gone. I had some financial issues with my insurance company, but David was very helpful working with me on a payment plan. Would work with them again in the future!
Debbie Ash
Debbie Ash
The guys at Elite 1 Restoration were wonderful to work with. I had work commitments I could not change so they worked around my schedule. They were polite, and took care to protect the other areas of my home. I highly recommend this company!
Erica Medrano
Erica Medrano
I highly recommend Elite 1 for any roofing or siding projects. After the storms damaged what seems like my entire house I called them and they were out quick and ready to work. They dealt with my insurance company and were able to get everything approved quickly. They have completed all the work with awesome quality and couldn’t be any happier. Thanks Elite 1. I know who I’m calling if anything ever arises again.
Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz
I sustained hail damage to the roof and siding/paint at my properties in Aurora and Littleton. I worked with David at Elite 1 who helped with the whole process from meeting with insurance thru getting the projects completed. I will be using Elite 1 in the future as the need arises.
Benjamin Bloch
Benjamin Bloch
I had a positive experience with David Saenz and Elite 1. They replaced siding, a window, and trim on my house. In and out in 2 days with excellent quality. Would definitely recommend.
Unfortunately the most unprofessional and unpunctual company I have ever worked with. Stay Away!
osbaldo saenz
osbaldo saenz
Real good service, appreciate the guys hard work. Thank you so much.
Cynda Hunt
Cynda Hunt
David and his crew did an amazing job for me after I had a disaster I. My basement. They showed up on time and completed the work in an excellent fashion.

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